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An organized collection of rules, guidelines, and methodology.

Section 1: Order Process

1.1: Concept

Instead of selecting a coach, your coach chooses to coach you. If you’re interested in learning more about this process, head to About Us.

1.2: Booking

To place an order, you must first fill out our order form which includes game and session information, availability, and goals. After checkout, your order will be visible to Forge Coaches.

1.3: Scheduling

When your coach selects your order, you will be notified on Discord by our bot. You will then be in contact with your coach almost immediately afterward to schedule your session.

1.4: Learning

Following any extra directions from your Coach, prepare to join a Forge Coaching voice channel in our discord with your coach and get started!

Section 2: Coaching Methods

2.1: Expert Coaching

This coaching method is taught by--you guessed it--Forge Expert Coaches. Each Expert Coach has been a Grand Champion for several seasons, many of which have been on the cusp of entering the pro scene. Most importantly, each Expert Coach has proven their knowledge of the game time and time again and is able to educate their students unlike anywhere else.

Inclusive of the coaching session checklist on our coaching page

The price of Expert Coaching is $16 per hour.

2.2: Pro Coaching

Exclusively made up of world-recognized skill both on the field and in the classroom, Forge Professional Coaches bring the best of what Forge has to offer when it comes to coaching. Each professional has mixed in the pro scene and excels in ways that set them apart from even the most accomplished players. Make no mistake, this method provides the fastest way anyone can improve.

Inclusive of the coaching session checklist on our coaching page.

The price of Pro Coaching is $60 per hour.

2.3: Team Coaching

Inclusive of the coaching session checklist, our Team Coaching service is meant for players committed to teaming and learning with one another (3v3 or 2v2). Each team has the option of getting their own category within our Discord server to communicate and learn with their coach.

Inclusive of the coaching session checklist on our coaching page.

The price of Team Coaching is $20 per hour

2.4: Replay Analysis

The Replay Analysis, commonly included in other coaching methods, is a universally effective improvement tool. Your replay will be analyzed by a coach outside of Discord, then uploaded via YouTube and sent to you. Occasionally, replays are done on our Twitch Stream.

Inclusive of the replay analysis checklist on our coaching page.

The price of a Replay Analysis is $8 per replay.

Section 3: Rules and Guidelines

3.1: Payment

  • All payments are done at checkout through this website. Do not make payments anywhere else and if you are offered this, contact support.
  • All orders are refundable before the session starts.
  • Payments are final once the session has started.
  • Forge does not take ANY commission from tips.
  • Tips over $30 will have the PayPal fee deducted before being sent to the coach.

3.2: Coach Selection

  • Coaches select the student they will coach.
  • If you want a specific coach, you must confirm the coach’s ability to do the order BEFORE checkout.
  • Do not type out your coach preference on the order form.
  • Each session will receive one coach for the ordered time.
  • For 1 on 1 sessions, coaches cannot be swapped once the session has started.
  • For team sessions, coaches can only be swapped once.

3.3: Mid-Session

  • Sessions can be paused and resumed at any time so long as you and your coach agree.
  • If any problems arise mid-session, please contact a Head Coach or Director.

3.4: Post-Session

  • You can leave a review on our discord server in #reviews or on our website after you mark your order as complete.
  • If you have any complaints or concerns about your session, please contact a Head Coach or Director.

3.5: Extra

  • If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, consider checking out our FAQ. We also offer live support over at our Discord and Support Page.
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