Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from our customers and our answers to them

I want to get to rank "x", can you get me there?

We are glad to hear that you have a goal in mind, and we will do all we can to get you there. However, we do not provide a boosting service.

I would like a coach for my organisation

We do offer services for teams but if you would like something more permanent, please contact.

How will I know if my coach is right for me?

Taking into account your playlist focus, rank, and other preferences (all filled out on the order page), we will always find the right coach for you.

How will scheduling work?

You will typically receive a coach almost immediately following your order--you will chat with them to discuss what time your session takes place (it is rarely ever more than 48 hours after ordering).

What if I am a console player?

This will not pose a problem--replay reviews will simply have to be done via YouTube or by a coach playing with you and saving the replay themselves.

What if I am from X region?

Worry not, we have coaches from all parts of the world: North America, South America, Europe, and even Australia!

I don't have Discord, can I still book a session?

No, you must have a Discord account and have joined our Forge Discord server to book a session. For more information on how to set one up, please visit the Discord website.

Can't find the answer to your question?

Contact support by joining our discord server and messaging a Head Coach or Director, or create a support ticket.

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