United Rogue is a League and Tournament organization. We host a PC, PS4 and Xbox player base and a very diverse community. We run a 3v3 League with some unique features, such as professional graphics, Salary Cap, All-Star Games, an active free agency system, and 5 different levels of competition. The 5 leagues we have to offer are High Grand champion, Low Grand champion, Champion to High Champion 2, Low Champion 2 to Champion 1, and Diamond 3 and below (subject to change). We are a community that thrives on competition and wanting to get better at the game. Tournaments normally take place in the off season to keep everyone engaged!

Some good things to know

  • No rank requirements - There is a league for everyone!
  • Professionally Streamed/Casted games on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • 6-Mans lobby
  • Multi-leveled management system for each team

Established on June of 2017 as a small community, Team Meteor has since developed into an eSports organization and tournament host, while continuing to grow as a gaming hub! As a community built almost entirely around Rocket League, you can enjoy one or more of the following perks by joining us

  • Meeting other commmunity members and making new friends!
  • Participating in our weekly community events, including Rocket League 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1s, custom maps, Floor is Lava,, Discord Mafia, and many more!
  • Finding people to play with through our #matchmaking and #6-mans channels!
  • Entering The Impact, our weekly $75 3v3 tournaments! (Wednesdays at 7:00 PM ET)
  • Trying out for one of our competitive teams, ranging from 1650 MMR all the way up to 2000+!
  • And finally, becoming an official member to unlock some extra perks such as participating in our community montages, receiving birthday shout outs, gaining access to #self-promotion, and more!

Minor League Esports is a competitive 2s league, but more than that, we are a community of over 1500 people. Whether you are looking to improve your game with our community coaching channels, or if you just want to play with likeminded rocket league players who are looking to improve just like you, MLE has you covered. If you are looking to unwind from your Rocket League grind, MLE also offers a variety of events and community games like Jackbox, Chess tournaments, and a plethora of games aside from Rocket League. Minor League Esports is your one spot stop. Does this sound like a community that you would be interested in being apart of? find us at mlesports/gg and apply today. Come for the league, stay for the community.

Currently, MLE has 5 leagues. You are placed in a league based on your highest peak MMR in competitive 2s or 3s. When you join the league, you are assigned a salary. Salary is the metric by which League Operations balances teams. Every player is assigned a salary, which is calculated by taking a player’s peak MMR from Doubles or Standard, rounding down to the nearest 50, then dividing it by 100.

The current league breakdowns by salary are as follows

  • Foundation League: 10.0 and below (1000MMR and Below)
  • Academy League: 10.5 - 12.5 (1050MMR - 1250MMR)
  • Champion League: 13.0 - 14.5 (1300MMR - 1450MMR)
  • Master League: 15.0 - 16.5 (1500MMR - 1650MMR)
  • Premier League: 17.0+ (1700MMR and Above)