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Great guy overall, funny to play with. Gives great advice. I feel as if I’ve furthered my skills more just from an hour of play time. Highly recommend.

- hewq12

Always great working with the coaches here. I had an hour session with Banshee and he was a great help, I really got a lot of information to take away from the session. 10/10 will use them again!

- danbrown543

It was great. Very worth it. He was clear and concise on what i need to improve on and was extremely helpful.

- talentedmammal

Jelly is great and super helpful. enjoyed it very much!!

- brandonsimps306

AMAZING team of coaches. I learned some things to help me get out of Platinum and into Diamond. Have ordered multiple times now and will continue to order again. Great work to the Forged team.

- brandontrussell

Rico was very helpful and provided lots of recommendations on how to improve my gameplay overall while being very calm when mistakes would ultimately be made. Overall a very enjoyable and fun experience playing. Would definitely play again just for the practice.

- trend93

Definitely as good as advertised. I'll definitely be coming back for more coaching.

- kchadwi1

Very easy to talk to. And gives very helpful advice along with very quick service. Absolutely would use again

- erickbell888

Banshee helped me locate the problems in my gameplay very well. I thought as a C2 that I was a solid player and by all accounts I was. Banshee was able to pick out the minor things I was doing wrong and took me into training to work on those mechanical issues with him watching me to make sure I was doing everything correctly. He also played a few matches with me to learn my playstyle and he did an in depth review of every replay. Long story short. With his coaching, and a lot of practice, I was able to finally get to Champion 3 and hold it and I'm currently looking at GC in the near future. If I hit a stalemate with my rank again you better believe I will be visiting Banshee again for another training session.

- Faydon

Had an amazing experience with this guy. He is an extremely good coach and a very good player. Also playing doubles with him was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a doubles match, Thanks again!

- thewhitemexican

Very good coach, gave some great tips and is fun to play with! Thanks!

- tomconti

Really amazing coach. Before i got coached i was a bit unsure of my decisions and my playstyle. He really taught me a lot and made me way more confident then I was. He is a really positive and nice guy and great at coaching. Also very skilled at the game :). I will 100% be back. 5/5 :)

- razerbond

Booked with these guys a few times and had a 5* experience every time, a lot of high level players with loads of knowledge of the game.They have helped my game drastically, helping me from a low Diamond 1 to Champion 2 so far. Their discord community is very helpful and there's always someone around to help/talk.

- benny0031

Honestly can't say enough good things about this service. Played a hour with Sollax, super nice and skilled player. Also i was contacted promptly after purchase and my session was setup in a fair amount of time following being contacted. 10/10 will repeat this service.

- danbrown543

Had a really fun time playing and learning the game. He took time to discuss what I was doing wrong, what I was doing right, and gave me several helpful tips along the way. My confidence tripled by the time we were finished, and I saw such a noticeable difference in my play, as did he. Would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to improve your skill or just to have a pleasant person to play with. Will be doing business with again for sure.

- markratliff482

Very happy with the service!

- trustaa

Very friendly guy and a fantastic coach and player. Highly recommended.

- seanbertsch

Great guy that knows what he's talking about and will point out what mistakes you're making and how to correct them. He will play with you and actually let you improve and make mistakes to learn instead of just doing all the work himself, which I'm sure he could do with ease. Provides learning resources and goes through all of your settings.

- juicyyjoose

He was fantastic. Helped me with my game as I am a beginner, I ranked up a bit, and walked me through drills that are custom for my level. Not to mention he was very easy going and friendly. Already planning on working with him again soon. Highly recommended for any experience level.

- seanbertsch

Amazing eidjjejejsjsjshhs

- thewhitemexican

Very patient and didn't care if we coached a little over our time limit. His concern was the lesson not the money. Excellent!

- alexbarry997


- thewhitemexican

I had a really good time

- hubert_alva

I've bought from almost every other rocket league coach out there. GiantJelly is the GOAT for his quality and delivery time. No one even comes close. Just do yourself a favor and if you're gonna TRY a rocket league coach..order from Forge. I promise on everything, you won't be dissatisfied.

- kingpushgaming

Excellent. The coach was very knowledgeable and very nice. He actually took the time to watch me and find out where I need to improve and explained everything perfectly.

- brandontrussell

I bought coaching because I want to become a better RL Player. Ryker is an excellent coach, professional, well prepared and can identified what you are missing. I am extremely satisfied with the progress we made in 1 week and I am looking forward for more session. Recommend 100%

- Campos


- jetstorm9679

Very friendly and teach you stuff that is very useful can’t thank them enough!

- albertobaltazar

Had a great time, super patient and very knowledgeable. Excellent player!

- brandonsimps306

Very friendly and knows what he is talking about. Helped me to find quite some bad habits to work on specifically. I'd definitely recommend getting a coaching session here.

- hagga27

Awesome coach. He was able to work with my busy schedule and already helped me improve. I've already jumped from d2 to high d3 from changing just a few simple things. Already planning to schedule another coaching session. Highly recommend

- morsebot

Great session as always with Sollax! 10/10

- danbrown543

Awesome and learned a lot, good experience! Highly recommend!

- devo1art

Top! Nothing to add. Second time together, super friendly and I’ve really learned a lot!

- jackbell86

Very communicative. Understandable. Great coach. Definitely will purchase again.

- illumenated

Returning customer. Started a fresh account yesterday. Within just 2 hours of playing time and coaching I’ve made it to champ 1. Great people to work with. I’ll be back for more playing time.

- hewq12

Helped me rank up, fast & easy.

- lilkeny

Will be a returning customer! absolute legend on rocket league. Great communication and I feel like I've learned quite a bit of what I need to improve on from his critique and knowledge of the game. overall extremely satisfied!!!

- timraymond

Very Friendly, A great player, Very communicative, All round a wonderful and reliable guy and a great experience!

- onthatt

Well, at first i didn't know what to expect. I was curious about the coaching thing cuz of youtube etc. BUT after having GiantJelly as coach at my side to play with ... my whole playstyle did change and I improved so much and so fast as well. He's a super kind person, a very good player and really knows what he's talking about. He was my first coach for Rocket League and after this 3 Sessions coaching i'll never want another guy to coach my or one of my friends in RL. I would give you even 100/100 stars if that would be possible. Amazing service! 110% recommend him. Thank you very much dude!:)

- larsyeisley

It certainly exceeded my expectations, and I will be coming back! I had a great time, and I improved significantly in both skill and rank. Many thanks!

- atxesports

Nice guy and extremely good at Rocket League.

- diediemer

Very professional and responded quickly. Very knowledgeable and will be returning once a week for the next month or 2 to really develop even more!

- charlie713

Great person and a great teacher for what I had to do to up my game! Helped me reach diamond 3 already!

- efipx

He took the extra time over to make sure I was getting what I needed. He was extremely helpful. Very great replay reviews and competitive gameplay. Always explaining what I can do better. Very fast response time and I will definitely be coming back.

- wardbailey799

Great experience, would definitely recommend! Very professional and helpful.

- whiteiverson19

100% going to buy again a great guy with an amazing knowledge of the game. Also great teacher and just generally fun person to play some Rocket League with.

- benny0031

Coach was very good, we played 2 hours of hoops and he made Champ 2 look like silver.

- steezerrl

Lots of great, friendly advice. Fun games!

- cmb1819

At the time we specified, Banshee (our coach) pulled us into Discord and gave us the run down of how the training was going to look. After 10 minutes I knew that Banshee was an expert. Banshee was courteous, knowledgeable, and kind. He played games with us each solo, and then we replayed our games to get some pointers. He focused on positioning and logic behind plays. Diamond 3 to Champ 2 in 2 days. I know it sounds too good to be true but I promise you this coaching is the real deal. Can't recommend enough. (THEY DID NOT PAY ME TO LEAVE THIS REVIEW, I truly am over the moon about their work!)

- alex_j_kennedy

Super friendly, very good. Very nice time together, plus I’ve learned a lot!

- jackbell86

Good at explaining how everything works

- masonmcgovern

Really helped improve my gameplay.

- liamchong

*returning customer* Absolute maniacs with the level of skill. coached me in my rotation , positioning and decision making. Can already feel myself making better plays and being able to read my teammates. 10/10 stars.

- timraymond

It was very pleasant and very enjoyable! Thanks!

- brandonsimps306

Had a fantastic session with giantjelly! He was quick to analyze my style of gameplay and provided constant feedback on every play, praising the good, and offering suggestions on the bad. He always remained calm and was pleasant to talk to. I'd give him ten stars if I could. Worth every penny!

- zstanley92

Very prompt delivery within hours. Reliable teammate definitely helped with my rank. They offer various services and an open discord server with many coaches/pros. Very friendly compared to previous experiences. I wouldn’t skip on this if you’re looking to improve in any way!

- chadmiller354

Great coaching tips and great fun to play with!

- benny0031

Guys were great and really fun to talk to. helped me reach a higher rank and would recommend to others and will be purchasing again for my 2v2.

- oscar9158

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